Fan Programs

If you’re planning your summer wedding outside – you’re probably just a bit worried about what the weather will be like on your special day. Will it rain? Will it be cold? Or will it be a super hot and humid day (like we often get)? A fun way to help your guests stay cool (other than provide shade) is to create a program your guests can use as a fan…. die-cut in the shape of an actually fan! The program itself will have all the details – parents and officiant’s names, bridal party, ceremony description – and the design can fit the look and feel for your wedding.

The fan programs below were for a beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony with a cherry blossom theme. A custom monogram with a victorian flair was also created for this couple. This monogram was used for the wedding reception and paired with a Parisian theme and a different colour scheme.

Interested? Call or email to discuss creating a custom designed program for your wedding.

fan wedding program

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